Our stainless steel equipments are in conformity with the Machinery Directives 2006/42/CE and they are built in conformity with the hygienic requirements of the equipments for the processing of foods.

They fully comply with the Directives:

UNI EN ISO 14159 (Safety of machinery – Hygiene requirements for the design of machinery)

UNI EN 1672-1 EN 1672-2 (Food processing machinery – Basic concepts – Hygienic requirements)

which establish the criteria for the hygienic design of the equipments for the food industry to prevent any microbial contamination of food products and any negative affect on the food quality, especially safety.
With BADA products, the safety of your food is never put at risk!!
Our equipments are built in accordance with the Directives ISO 14644-1 which specifies the classification of air cleanliness in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments with a controlled level of contamination thanks to a low level of environments pollutants. In the cleanroom applications, BADA equipments respect the particles concentration limits per cubic meter of air according to the ISO classification number (ISO Class 1-9).