BADA 20-DS Pedestrian pallet truck with mast

It combines the traditional function of the powered pallet truck (capacity 2.000 kg.) to the possibility of lifting the load (capacity 1.000 kg.) at 1.500 mm from the ground.
It can be used for picking and stacking operations.
Ideal to work in warehouses with reduced distances and spaces and for the safe loading of overlapped loads.
AC traction motor and battery side extraction.
Capacity: 2.000 kg Lifting: 1.500/2.000 mm


Options package
• stainless steel AISI 316
• rough anti slippery no-marking polyurethane traction wheel
• instrument panel protected by stainless steel cover
• BDI hourmeter with lifting cut-off at 80% discharge
• single and double battery stand with wheels